Have you ever seen a single drop of water fall onto a still water surface? You will see that it triggers numerous movements which will change what you see and will create a new reality.

This is what happens in all change processes, no matter if these are managed through large programmes or smaller projects. Successful change is about setting the right impulse at the right time, providing structure, giving direction, managing risk, people and complexity. Today´s world has become more and more complex and is changing at all times. Only those who are flexible yet sturdy and who manage to ride the waves without losing balance will remain successful in the long term.

As change facilitator I help organisations manage their changes, small or large, in the following areas: Programme and Project Management using state-of-the-art methodology Transition and Change Management, Strategic Communication, Outsourcing, IT implementation, Rollout Management and Quality Management.

I have worked in a large array of industries: Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Textile Manufacturing, Consulting, Investment Goods Industry and Energy Suppliers.

Managing changes successfully is what I do. Creating value is what I aim for. Long-term. Sustainable. To safeguard your investment.